Pencil case Kite K22-684-1

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Kite K22-684-1 pencil case is a stable pull-out- cup-shaped pencil case with bright design and ability to expand and fold back. You can adjust the height in just one movement, and when you do - a funny pattern appears as the pencil case grows. Due to the stable bottom the pencil case can be placed on a desk like a cup. It is lightweight and spacious. Compact cylindrical shape doesn't take much space in the backpack. It is recommended for children aged 9-12+ years.

This pencil case has a stylish design with bright print and rubber pendant.

The perfect European quality is a guarantee that you will be able to use the pencil case for a long time. The fabric does not fade and the zipper works smoothly. Kite pencil cases are ready for a busy school schedule and perfectly cope with frequent openings and closings during each lesson.


  • 1 spacious compartment with extension for writing tools;
  • stable firm bottom allows you to use the pencil case as a cup for stationary;
  • fabric binding to protect the edge;
  • size: 19,5x12,5x4 cm;
  • durable materials and secure fittings;
  • made of durable wear-resistant polyester;
  • trendy design with bright print and pendant;
  • weight: 65 g;
  • type: cosmetic-bag.

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