Pencil case Kite K22-642-12

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    Pencil cases
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Kite K22-642-12 pencil case is a super lightweight and compact model for middle school. It practically doesn't take any space in your backpack but allow you to place all the necessary writing tools and other stationery inside. The pencil case is recommended for children aged 9-12+ years. It weighs 40 g.

This pencil case has a bright stylish design with funny characters to cheer you up and motivate to study with pleasure.

The perfect European quality is a guarantee that you will be able to use the pencil case for a long time. The fabric does not fade and the zipper works smoothly. Kite pencil cases are ready for a busy school schedule and perfectly cope with frequent openings and closings during each lesson.


  • 1 compartment;
  • closes with zipper;
  • size: 19х6,5х3,5 cm;
  • durable materials and fittings;
  • made of wear-resistant polyester;
  • durable branded lining inside;
  • stylish design;
  • weight: 40 g;
  • type: cosmetic-bag.

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