Sticky notes Kite Cats K21-299-2, set

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    Sticky notes and page markers
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Kite K21-299-2 sticky note paper set (stickers with bookmarks) is a bright and creative assistant in study, work and everyday life.

Stylish design in delicate pastel shades, original shape and funny pictures with cats are the perfect frame for your ideas. Bright and original format of stickers will appeal to children. The set is useful in school, kindergarten and extracurricular activities.

High-quality paper with a clear print perfectly absorbs ink, you can write with a pen and pencil.

Thanks to the adhesive layer, stickers can be attached to almost any surface. Special glue does not leave marks and stains - the place to which the reminder was attached will remain clean after its removal.

Different color bookmarks in 4 designs so that not a single important page gets lost.


  • stylish design: on each leaf there is a clear line and funny pictures with cats;
  • 3 types of stickers: block 70x130 mm, block 45x82 mm, bookmarks 45x12 mm;
  • the adhesive layer does not leave marks on the surface;
  • 25 sheets of each size.

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