Notebook Kite Corgi K22-231-2, PVC-cover with glitter, A6, 80 sheets, squared

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    Anti-stress notebook
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Notebook Kite K22-231-2 in a silicone cover with a bright pattern and liquid glitter. Cheerful print charges with positive and inspires you to study with a great mood.

The notebook has a magical emotional design, which is pleasant to look at and tactilely feel its three-dimensional texture. Shining sequins add a special visual “magic” to the composition, captivating with its fabulous beauty.

This notebook is a great gift for children and teenagers. Its compact format makes it easy to take with you.

On smooth and thick white paper, it is convenient to write with a pen or pencil.

80 squared sheets - a convenient and spacious space for writing, sketching or pasting stickers.

A bright notebook will become a source of inspiration and good mood every day.


  • compact A6 format - convenient to take with you;
  • 80 squared sheets - it is convenient to write down words and numbers;
  • the density of a piece of notebook paper is 70 g/m2 - high-quality, perfectly absorbs ink;
  • magic silicone cover with liquid glitter inside;
  • funny bright design for a good mood.

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