Water bottle Kite Naruto NR23-397, 500 ml, orange

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    Water bottles
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The Kite NR23-397 water bottle is an indispensable accessory that will save you from thirst at any time and help you develop a healthy habit of drinking clean water throughout the day. Stylish design will cheer you up and charge you with positive emotions.

Compact and capacious, it fits perfectly in a backpack pocket.

The bottle is made of tritan - high-quality and food-safe material. It is very light and durable, combining the advantages of plastic and glass. This innovative material is not as fragile as ordinary plastic and glass, so it retains its perfect appearance for a long time.

The Tritan bottle is safe for health and does not contain BPA plastic. When heated or stored for a long time, food does not emit toxic substances, has no smell and does not affect the taste of water.

The lid closes securely with a locking clasp to keep water from spilling and also keeps the mouthpiece clean. It is convenient and hygienic.


  • volume 500 ml - enough water for a long time;
  • made of tritan - strong, light and safe for health;
  • the material is odorless and does not affect the taste of water;
  • withstands temperatures up to 90 ° C, does not emit toxins;
  • ergonomic shape - the bottle is comfortable to hold in your hand;
  • hermetic lid on the latch - water does not spill;
  • can be washed in the dishwasher;
  • cool design for a great mood.

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