Thermos Kite K21-320-01, 473 ml, peach

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    Stainless steel
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Thermos Kite K21-320-01 keeps the temperature of drinks so that you can refresh yourself with warm aromatic tea or invigorating coffee at any time.

A thermos is indispensable in the office, at school, on a trip, on a picnic, on a business trip, on a walk and even on a fishing trip. It is compact yet very capacious. Fits perfectly in a backpack and closes tightly to prevent spillage.

The thermos perfectly retains heat or cold, keeping the temperature of the drink up to 6 hours. He will not let warm tea cool down, and cool lemonade - to become warmer. Therefore, a thermos is relevant at any time of the year. Helps keep warm in winter and cool in summer.

The inner and outer flasks are made of high quality AISI 304 stainless steel, ideal for the food industry. This material is safe for health - it does not accumulate odors and does not affect the taste of the drink.

Such a thermos is more reliable and stronger than a thermos with a glass flask, it will not break and will not crack if accidentally dropped.

The thermos lid is a functional cup that is pleasant and convenient to drink from. The walls of the thermos do not heat up, so it is comfortable to hold it in your hands.

Thermos Kite is a stylish and necessary gift that will bring joy and benefit. It will fill everyday life with cozy tea parties and warm home warmth even far beyond its borders.


  • volume 473 ml - compact and capacious;
  • keeps the temperature of the drink up to 6 hours;
  • safe and high quality - made of steel for the food industry AISI 304;
  • does not accumulate aromas and does not affect the taste of the drink;
  • lid - functional cup;
  • hermetically sealed - does not allow liquid to spill;
  • the outer walls of the thermos do not heat up - it is comfortable to hold in your hands;
  • stylish design - for inspiration.

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