Thermomug Kite Control yourself K21-303, 440 ml

  • Material
    Stainless steel
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  • Volume, ml
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Thermomug Kite K21-303 perfectly retains warmth and cold, maintaining temperature of beverages up to 4 hours. You can enjoy warm beverages or perfectly icy lemonade for a long time.

Thermomug Kite is indispensable for daily needs in the city and out in the nature. It will be handy at school or university, en route to work or on a faraway journey, on a picnic or during a walk.

The thermomug fits perfectly into a backpack or a bag. It is very handy to bring along.

Thanks to the reliable flap is closes tight preventing liquids from spilling.

Interior flask is made of quality stainless steel AISI 304 optimal for use in food industry. This material is safe for health, does not absorb odors or affect the taste of the drink.

Mug does not get hot on the outside: it is comfortable to hold even if there is a hot drink inside.

Owing to trending ergonomic design the model is incredibly stylish and convenient to use. The mug features coating that is pleasant to the touch and non-slippery. Bright colors catch the attention right away and lift the spirits.


  • 440 ml volume – compact and voluminous;
  • retains drink temperature for up to 4 hours: hot stays hot and cold stays cold for a long time;
  • safe and high quality – interior flask is made of food grade steel AISI 304;
  • does not absorb odors or affect the taste of the drink;
  • leak-tight lid with a flap – prevents drinks from spilling and allows drinking while walking;
  • mug does not get hot on the outside making it comfortable for holding;
  • stylish design – ergonomic shape, coating pleasant to the touch and bright colors.

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