Lunchbox Kite Space Skating K21-160-1, 420 ml

  • Material
    Food grade plastic
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  • Volume, ml
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Lunchbox Kite K21-160-1 is a convenient, beautiful and safe container for lunch. Indispensable for school and kindergarten, relevant at a picnic, on the road and for a walk: the child will be able to eat quickly, usefully and in a timely manner.

The lunchbox is made of high-quality and safe food-grade plastic that does not absorb odors, does not affect the taste of food and does not contain BPA plastic.

Compact and capacious, fits perfectly in a backpack. The lid closes tightly and is fixed with reliable side latches. Inside it is divided into 2 parts by a movable partition, which prevents mixing of products. You can take 2 dishes with you in one container at once.

The lunchbox can be washed in the dishwasher, stored in the refrigerator and used to heat food in the microwave (without closing the lid).

Stylish, creative and funny design with an astronaut on a skateboard will interest the child and give a lot of positive emotions. With such a cheerful "company" a good appetite and a good mood are guaranteed.


  • volume 420 ml - capacious and compact;
  • size 15х12х4,9 cm - fits perfectly in a backpack;
  • made of safe food-grade plastic, odorless and does not affect the taste;
  • can be used to warm up lunch in the microwave (without lid);
  • can be stored in the refrigerator and washed in the dishwasher;
  • attractive design will interest the child and cheer up.

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