Hard-shaped school backpack Kite Education Game 4 Life K22-501S-8 (LED)

K22-501S-8 (LED)
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    Primary school backpacks
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Kite hard-shaped K22-501S-8 (LED) Backpack made of durable polyester is an orthopedic model for children of 6-8 years old. It is a classic school backpack for first graders and primary school students, which combines traditional shape and ultra-modern design. 

The hard-shaped model helps fidgets to keep the backpack tidy. Thanks to the stable, hard-shaped construction, backpack keeps its shape. The sides do not wrinkle or bend, which means that notebooks are protected from jams and damage. The hard-shaped model teaches kids to stay organized. 

This model got a certificate from the German Institute of Health and Ergonomics IGR and it is recommended for children with a height of 115 - 130 cm.

Comfortable back, convenient functionality and bright design will make it easier for a child to join the learning process. 

The coolest design with a volume joystick will inspire your child to go to school. The process of gaining new knowledge can turn into an exciting game with a backpack like this one 

The unique feature of this model is LED-element on the front pocket. It works in three modes – permanent light, slow and fast flashing. 

Kite hard-shaped K22-501S-8 (LED) Backpack outside:

  • has the patented orthopedic Ergo Kids back with breathable soft pads which repeats natural curves of the back reducing the load on its lower part;
  • has wide S-shaped shoulder straps which prevent any shoulder discomfort and help to maintain the correct posture;
  • has 1 large front pocket for a lunchbox or pencil case;
  • has 2 side pockets with Velcro flap for a water bottle or a thermos (if necessary, the flaps can be hidden inside);
  • has light-reflecting elements from all sides which increases child's visibility on the road when it is dark outside;
  • has an ergonomic rubber handle (which is easy to disinfect) and textile loop handle for hanging the backpack on the hook;
  • has chest strap to properly distribute the weight and fix the backpack so it doesn't fall off from your shoulders;
  • has removable waist belt for an additional support and load reducing;
  • has padded rubbered bottom which makes the backpack stable and helps to avoid deformation caused by the weight of books, it is easy to wash if necessary;
  • has high quality wear-resistant zippers and nice-to-touch rubber-coated pullers;
  • the main material is durable polyester, which retains its original look for a long time, doesn't deform and doesn't fade in the sun;
  • it is decorated with volume rubber badges.

Kite hard-shaped K22-501S-8 (LED) Backpack inside:

  • has 1 main department;
  • has 1 phone pocket with soft plush lining which protects the gadget;
  • has tablet pocket with plush;
  • has a special dividing system with elastic fixing band that keeps everything on its place and plays an important role in the correct distribution of weight;
  • has durable branded lining;
  • has personal information tag;
  • has icons that allow you to quickly navigate in your backpack.

Kite K22-622-4 pencil case and Kite K22-600M-4 shoe bag with the same design are the perfect match for this backpack.

The LED element is powered by AA batteries. If you follow the recommendations, the device will work for more than 3000 hours. Use the switch button to change the mode and turn the LED element on or off. Read the detailed instructions and safety rules on the tag.

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