Washable silicone coloring pad Kite tokidoki TK22-424

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    Desk pads
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Kite TK22-424 silicone coloring pad helps kids keep the workplace clean. On it you can sculpt, draw and eat without fear of polluting the surface of the table.

This is the perfect gift for creative kids. At first it will be interesting to color it, and then it will be used as a desktop substrate.

It is easy to be cleaned, non-slip. I does not leave marks on the work surface. Coloring pad is suitable for coloring with water-based felt-tip pens, gouache paints or a regular ballpoint pen.

The pad is designed for long-term repeated use. It can be painted and cleaned many times. The inscriptions can be easily removed with wet wipes.

A practical silicone pad will protect the table from dust, scratches and damage, and will also effectively decorate the interior of a child's room and kitchen. Suitable for arts and crafts at home and school. Can be used for table setting as a lining for hot dishes.


  • made of heat-resistant silicone - can be used as a lining for hot dishes;
  • protects the surface from scratches and dirt;
  • suitable for reusable use on a permanent basis - easy to clean with water;
  • size 30 x 40 cm - optimal for creative activities;
  • compact and practical - if necessary, rolled into a tube;
  • multifunctional - suitable for creative activities and for table setting;
  • tokidoki trending license - for a great mood.

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