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Kite stationery

Is it easy to get a first-grader ready for school? No way! It’s a nerve-wracking moment both for kids and for parents. With all the new things ahead of a school kid, it’s important to choose the right notebooks, rulers, record book, pens, pencils and other Back to School items.

Alongside with textile products the Kite brand offers a wide range of stationery. Bright covers with the images of favorite characters will definitely fascinate every kid. They will help relieve stress caused by getting ready for school and ease the pressure. If a kid already owns a backpack with his favorite character, parents can make him even happier adding stationery from the same collection. Going to the Back to School department store will turn into a little holiday!

All Kite stationery is made with quality materials, considering the kids needs and special features. Pens, for example, have a rubber grip, so the untrained little fingers won’t slide. Erasers of different shapes and sizes erase pencil leaving no marks. Drawing with color pencils is easy and bright. Quality white work-book paper is easy and pleasant to write on. Kite bright notebooks are kids’ favorites for keeping notes and secrets.

Kite stationery also offers handy lunch boxes made of food plastic. It’s better to start a healthy lifestyle when you are young. With Kite lunch boxes kids can take healthy snacks to school. Food can also be refrigerated in these lunch boxes.

Support your kid in his first steps at school, help him get his first-grader’s stuff, and let Kite take care of your stationery selection.