Zipper folder Kite Cats K23-428-1, A4+

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    Folders and briefcases for school
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Zipper folder Kite K23-428-1 with expansion - keeps notebooks neat and straight, and organizes your backpack in exemplary order. The brightly colored design will lift your spirits on a daily basis. The folder can hold notebooks, stationery and tools. Thanks to the excellent capacity and the additional 6 cm expansion, the model is also very convenient as a folder for crafts lessons and study circles.

The reliable student helper is made of high quality dense plastic. It has a zipper that closes easily and smoothly. Textile edging made of nylon makes it especially practical.

The spacious inner compartment is a convenient way to store notebooks, scrapbooks, sketchbooks and diary. Simply fold them into the folder and forget about crumpled pages or wrinkled covers. If necessary, you can increase the capacity of the folder by 6 cm.

Thanks to its practical format, the folder fits perfectly into any Kite backpack model.

The Kite zipper folder is an irreplaceble accessory for schoolchildren and preschoolers, thanks to which stationery and notebooks will not get lost inside the backpack, as well as stay neat.

Stylish design gives a good mood and will emphasize the bright individual style of the child.


  • material: dense plastic 500 microns - durable, practical and pleasant to the touch;
  • size 34 x 25 cm + extension 6 cm - you can expand the capacity of the folder depending on your needs;
  • spacious A4+ format, spine width 60 mm;
  • universal purpose - can be used as a folder for notebooks and for labor lessons, perfectly holds a variety of office supplies;
  • helps to keep order inside the backpack, indispensable for school and clubs;
  • zipper - closes easily and smoothly;
  • textile edging made of durable nylon protects the edge.

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