Wall-mounted notes board Kite Ice Cream K22-474-1, 20x20 cm

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Wall-mounted notes board Kite K22-474-1 Ice Cream will remind about important events and inspire for success in daily activities.

Shaped wall-mounted board Kite – incredibly comfortable space for planning and an endless source of inspiration. You can record upcoming plans and make short notes; leave messages for family members and draw funny pictures.

Cheerful design with a cute kitty will make you smile every day and charge with energy.

Children will be so excited to get such an interesting and useful gift. It will be handy for studying and fun. It will remind to take a change of clothes for PE lesson, help with numbers of math exercises, remind of your favorite cat’s upcoming birthday.

Notes board is intended for repeated continuous use. Writings are made in special dry-erase marker and are easily removed with a usual sponge. Can be repeated endless number of times.

Notes board can be attached to a wall, refrigerator or other smooth surface: metal, glass, plastic, etc. Attaches reliably, does not contain glue and leaves no trace.

Comes with a dry-erase marker and holder to fix easily. Attention! Before use remove the protective film from both sides of the board.


  • size: 20x20 cm is perfect for daily notes;
  • easy to write on and erase with a napkin, sponge or a duster;
  • reliably attached to any smooth surface, contains no glue and leaves no trace;
  • repeated use, can be moved many times without loosing its properties and washed with water;
  • cool shaped design makes it a source of positive emotion and a stylish interior accessory;
  • a super gift and a necessary item for any school child.

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