Sharpener with container Kite Sunset K21-368, assorted

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Sharpener with container Kite K21-368 Sunset should always be at hand. It is stylish, functional and very comfortable! It Sharpens pencils easily without damaging the lead. The sharpening point remains smooth, without chips and notches.

It is made of high quality safe materials. The body is made of durable plastic and the blade is made of reliable durable steel.

The spacious container will collect all the shavings: the workplace will always be perfectly clean and tidy. The unique clicking mechanism hides the pencil hole, leaving no chance for shavings to fall out. You can safely put the sharpener in a pencil case without fear of getting the lining dirty.

If necessary, the container can be easily cleaned by opening the lid.

The sharpener is decorated with an awesome gradient with a harmonious color combination. The smooth changing of shades reminds the evening sky at sunset.


  • durable steel blade sharpens pencils easily;
  • continues pencils' "life"- doesn't break the lead, doesn't leave chips and notches;
  • spacious shavings container to keep your workplace clean and tidy;
  • clicking mechanism hides the whole for pencils;
  • safe for children - made of high-quality harmless materials;
  • wonderful design with gradient to sharpen pencils in a good mood.

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