Glue stick with indicator PVP Kite Classic K-1130, 15 g

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    Kite Classic

Glue pencil Kite K-1130 Classic 15 g is the best assistant for creating beautiful applications and crafts. It has a uniform consistency, is easy to apply and dries quickly.

Glue pencil is a real find for schoolchildren and preschoolers (for classes in kindergarten or under the supervision of adults). It is compact and practical, does not spill or smudge. Perfectly glues paper, cardboard and photos: which means it is ideal for creativity at home, at school and in kindergarten. The paper glued with it does not wrinkle or deform: the applications will be neat and beautiful.

The "stick" format is the most convenient to take with you to school, kindergarten or creative activities. It fits perfectly in a cosmetic case or tube, an apron pocket and a desk organizer.

The application indicator helps the child to develop accuracy. The colored adhesive mark is clearly visible, so it is easy to control its application. Immediately after drying, the trace becomes colorless.

PVP glue does not contain solvents and has a neutral smell. It is completely safe for its intended use.

Kite Classic is the flagship stationery series for boys and girls! High-quality products for learning and creativity are presented in a matte package that is pleasant to the touch. Harmonious decoration in neutral white and blue is a classic that is always relevant.

A QR code is placed on the products of the series, where you can find many interesting ideas and creative master classes from Kite.


  • easy to use - has a uniform consistency, is easily and evenly applied;
  • convenient - has a color indicator, its trace disappears immediately after application;
  • safe - does not contain solvents and has a neutral smell;
  • purpose – easily glues paper, cardboard, photos;
  • universal - suitable for labor lessons in kindergarten, school and indispensable for home use;
  • with proper storage, it retains its qualities for a long time - shelf life - 24 months;
  • bright case design - for inspiration.

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