Folder for notebooks with elastic bands Kite College Line K19-023-01, B5

  • Material
  • Product group
    Folders and briefcases for school
  • Brand:
    College Line

Folder with an elastic band Kite College Line K19-023-01 is convenient owing to its holding capacity and light weight. When empty it is flat taking up minimum space in the school backpack. Plastic folder for notebooks has a textile extension - the volume of the folder extends to 5 cm depending upon the content. It holds notebooks, Kite homework record book as well as non-standard notebooks up to 26 cm.

  • Format B5.
  • Made of thick flexible plastic (500 micron).
  • Tight elastic band allows holding the folder closed in different ways.
  • Pointedly neat design with the university emblem in College Line style.
  • Textile edging.

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