Foamiran with metallic coating Kite K22-431, А4

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Foamiran with metallic coating Kite K22-431 А4 is an astonishing set for arts and crafts, using which you will create fantastically beautiful things.

Foamiran or EVA foam is a textured decorative material that feels very much like suede to the touch. Its second name is “plastic suede.” It is incredibly pleasant to the touch and has many advantages. Texture is plastic and yielding, can be easily cut with scissors or a shaped hole puncher, can be glued.

Bright colors and velvety texture: foamiran is easy and pleasant to work with, and finished items look astounding. It is extremely popular among those who love handicrafts and is excellent for children’s arts and crafts activities.

Unusual metal effect will give a special edge to finished items.

What can you make from foamiran? Colorful applique patterns (pictures and postcards), realistic plants (flowers, flower buds, berries), tridimensional handcrafted items (topiary, minifigures), clothes and accessories for dolls. Foamiran is widely used for decorative and design works and scrapbooking. It is indispensable to decorate head bands, hair pins, brooches and corsages.


  • 5 deep colors with magical metallic effect;
  • A4 format and 2 mm thickness – optimal for flat and tridimensional handcrafted items;
  • soft velvety texture is pleasant to work with;
  • easy to cut with scissors, but tearproof;
  • multipurpose – suitable for various hobbies;
  • finished items preserve impeccable appearance for a long time;
  • foamiran is moisture and dust tolerant;
  • yielding to work with and easy to look after.

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