Thermos Kite Сat K21-376-03, 350 ml, green

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    Stainless steel
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Children’s thermos Kite K21-376-03 carefully retains the temperature of drinks, so the child can have a drink of warm flavored tea, healthy compote or tasty cocoa at any time.

Incredibly cute design in pastel color tones and creative shape resembling the cat silhouette will bring a ton of positive emotions. Surface is pleasant to the touch, has matte texture and is non-slippery. The lid keeps the drinking area clean and has an incredible design with three-dimensional cat ears.

Charming children’s thermos will be the child’s favorite accessory. It is indispensable at school, on a trip, a picnic or a walk. Fits perfectly into a backpack, and thanks to the reliable flap seals tight and prevents drinks from spilling.

Thermos retains warmth and cold, maintaining temperature of beverages for up to 6 hours. It prevents warm tea from getting cold and cool lemonade from getting warm. That is why the thermos is handy for any season. It will keep you warm in winter and refreshed in summer.

Interior flask is made of quality stainless steel AISI 304 optimal for use in food industry. This material is safe for health – does not absorb odors or affect the taste of the drink.

This thermos is more reliable and strong than a thermos with a glass flask, it will not break or crack from accidental falling. And this is very important for little active kids with accelerated lifestyle.

Thermos walls do not get warm, so it is comfortable to hold in hands.

Children's thermos Kite – beautiful and useful gift that will bring a child joy and value. It will fill the daily routine with cozy tea pauses and bring home warmth even far away from it.


  • 350 ml volume – compact and voluminous;
  • retains drink temperature for up to 6 hours: hot stays hot and cold stays cold for a long time;
  • safe and high quality – made of food grade steel AISI 304;
  • does not absorb odors or affect the taste of the drink;
  • leak-tight flap prevents liquids from spilling;
  • thermos does not get hot on the outside making it comfortable for holding;
  • loop handle – convenient for carrying;
  • stylish design in the shape of a cat – for joy and inspiration.

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