Kite Jolliers

Kite Jolliers

Jolliers is a colorful license series featuring charming and jolly monsters Elliot, Henry and Chucky. Each has his own character, but they are all brought together by cheerful temper and love of adventures. Jolliers bring fun, joy and positive energy wherever they go!

Meet the collection characters:

Elliot follows the fashion trends and loves to change style. He does that by using various accessories: a crown, a hat, a beret, an eyepiece, a wig, a bowtie, fake mustache and beard, a dandy walking cane or a scepter. Elliot’s favorite treat is strawberry ice-cream. This Jollier lives on middle-size packs.

Henry is a sturdy fellow, loves to treat himself to yummies and have great fun. He swims quite well, but only with a swimming ring. Henry is the largest of Jolliers and lives on large-size packs. His favorite accessories are a swimming ring and snorkel mask, balloons, a birthday hat, a paint pot and lots of yummies – bananas, cupcakes, donuts, cakes and apples.

Chucky is an adventurer who travelled to the Pole and the Equator. He is the tallest of the Jolliers. He mostly lives on small-size packs. You can meet him with different travel accessories: a backpack, a scarf, a hat, mittens, a camera, a map, a compass and his favorite striped shorts. Sometimes he appears with a glass of orange juice he absolutely loves.

Jolliers line includes various Kite creativity products: felt pens, play dough, air dry clay, scissors, glue, kid’s briefcases as well as backpacks for little ones . Colorful designs featuring Jolliers Elliot, Henry and Chucky will definitely inspire boys and girls to create outstanding masterpieces.