College Line

College Line

College Line is a license collection combining fashion trends with genteel minimalism. University style of prestigious British and American college students is the basis of the collection.

College Line characteristics:

  • designs are prompted by elite school uniform themes
  • accentuated neatness
  • patterns used: mainly checked
  • university colors tabs
  • decorative small straps
  • basic colors: classic navy blue, burgundy, dark-green, grey and other subdued colors
  • brighter colors may be used: scarlet, yellow, blue, lavender, pink, etc.

Laconic and elegant at the same time, college style is popular with both children and youth. This fashion trend is observed in clothes and accessories of the world famous brands.

License College Line collection presents Kite preschool and school backpacks, pencil cases and footwear drawstring bags. There are boys’ and girls’ designs. College Line style backpacks from Kite line of products for youth are comfortable and fashionable accessories for students.