Shoe bag Kite Education K22-600L-2

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Kite K22-600L-2 shoe bag is an indispensable accessory for teens. It is very convenient for storing your second pair of shoes and taking it with you for PE lesson, dancing or sports sections.

It is really easy to use - just tighten it with lace, throw it over the shoulder and let's go! The shoe bag turns into a mini backpack that can be used as an independent accessory. Stylish modern design with trendy prints will perfectly complement your everyday look. When the bag is folded it does not take any space and fits perfectly in a pocket. It is convenient to hang the bag on a hook using the textile loop.

This shoe bag has trendy design.

The K22-600L-2 shoe bag matches perfectly with Kite K22-855M-2 backpack and Kite K22-653-7 pencil case . The capsule collection with a single design creates a striking kit.

Stylish and practical! Durable wear resistant polyester can handle your loads. The print is clear, bright and does not fade in the sun. The shoe bag can be washed with hands, dries quickly and retains its original appearance for a long time.

Shoe bag characteristics:

  • 1 main compartment;
  • a loop for a hanger;
  • closes with laces with clamps;
  • is made of polyester;
  • size: 49x36 cm;
  • lightweight, durable, easy to use;
  • trendy design;
  • is decorated with print and 3D rubber badge;
  • you can collect a capsule collection with a backpack and pencil case;
  • designed for carrying and storing sports shoes and clothing.

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